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What’s wrong with the 2010 Audi RS5?

Yesterday, some new spy shots of the upcoming Audi RS5 came out, and sitting there with my eyes wide, I drooled a little bit over pictures pointing out the matte black finish. But as saliva began to drip off my chin, I realized that something seemed a bit off. If you look at where the doors meet the side panels, the crease (or swage line if you’ve read up on your car design terminology), you see it messing with the A-Line quite a bit. Yes, the A-Line is still there, however it goes from a hard curve to the sharp crease, and then back. Did they put the wrong rocker panels on when they where driving around Spain? Bellow is my attempt at looking at it a little closer, pointing out the detail.

I’m not sure whether Audi’s just still working on the car, or this is another instance of a mistake in design, but knowing Audi, the final version will not have a broken A-Line.

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