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What the coolest thing to come from USB 3.0 will be

This is a really hard question to answer, right?  Futurists, those people who ponder the imponderable possibilities of the future, are often times wrong.  How many times have we been promised flying cars?  I digress.  USB 3.0 will bring us many cool things with its Super Speed (it’s nick name is Super Speed USB), but the coolest thing may be truly portable OS installation.  Right now, if you install Ubuntu for example on a USB stick, it’ll work pretty well a good amount of the time.  Inherently though, because of some of the things that aren’t available in the USB 2.0 spec, but are in SS-USB, the bus can become a bandwidth bottleneck.  And it’s not just the bandwidth bump that will aid in the realization of people going up to a machine at home, plugging in their USB dongle, and loading up whatever they where doing at work.  The other great addition to the USB standard is streaming.  This means that there will be able to be multiple simultaneous sets of access to the USB device, instead of there being a wait period while the first file in the queue is acted upon.

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