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The problem with US health care reform (and how to solve it)

Currently, every big name and big deal politician, is working on health care reform.  And they’re getting pretty much nowhere.  Chances are, they aren’t going to get anywhere either, and even if they do, I don’t know of many people that have much faith that it’s going to remove or reduce problems (maybe just move them).  Not one Congressman or Senator can agree on what really needs to be done, and part of that is because there’s really a great deal that needs to be done.  And to make it worse, they’re trying to fix the whole problem all at once.

One thing that you learn when you’re in about second grade, is how to solve problems that are over your head.  Now, you may very well have just read that last sentence, and thought “umm, how?”  But if you think about it, it’s really quite simple.  And when I tell you the answer, you’ll kick yourself (don’t actually kick yourself, please).  You break the problem down into smaller, more manageable pieces, and solve them one at a time. Remember struggling to read words in class, and all the kids laughing at you when you screwed up?  What did you do?  You sounded it out.  You broke the ‘big’ word into little chunks, and once they where all solved, you had the whole word!

Apparently though, that’s something that politicians forget.  Maybe it’s a job requirement, I don’t know.  But the answer to the problem isn’t to try to fix the whole thing all at once.  That’s part of the reason why the reform bill is estimated to cost $1 trillion.  That’s close to 7 million Porsche 911′s.  That would pay for all of the oil consumed in the US for a year and a half.  That would be $3200 for every person in the US.  You could rebuild New Orleans in a year with that money.  Anyway, I digress.  How Congress, the Senate, and the President need to handle this situation, is to start of small, with something they can all agree on.  It doesn’t need to solve the whole problem, just part of it.

And just as a shot in the dark, here’s an idea as to the first piece of health care reform they should enact:  a government body whose sole purpose is the monitoring of the health care systems health, status, and effectiveness.  This would be a win for everyone.  It would make it so that there is accurate information to go off of to make these decisions, not just opinions and second hand observations.  It would create jobs.  It would look like they did something.

Actually, scratch that.  That’s a horrible idea.  Because bureaucracy takes for ever.  What about an X-Prize like contest to find a way to do some of the most common and expensive health care tasks quicker and cheaper?  Or, since I can’t think of any other great ideas, what about just one little bit of the current reform bill.  Like making it so that people don’t have to pay for physicals.  Or government subsidies for obesity counseling programs.  After all, a healthier populace costs less to provide health care for.

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