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On The Bugatti Galibier Concept

Bugatti GalibierAll praise the magnificent magnificence that is Bugatti.  They are some of the rarest of cars, and the most expensive new car you could possibly own.  They are possibly the biggest status symbol on four wheels, and usually with that, the most glitzy.  I have a problem with this new concept though.  Several, actually.  And hopefully Bugatti will take my advice on a couple of these (even though you know they won’t).

First off, they didn’t take the very best idea ever for a luxury, dare I say any, sedan that has come out of new car territory in ages.  What am I talking about?  Well, I’ll give you a hint.  The Porche Panamera has it.  Give up?  The same headroom in the back as the front.  The boys over in Stuttgart Germany had this fantastic idea (revolutionary, really), to give the passengers in the back the same degree of freedom for their head as those people in the front.  Did they compromise on aerodynamic efficiency?  Probably only enough to account for a mile or two per hour.  And when, if you’re the Bugatti Galibier, your top speed is 217mph, being knocked down to 215 might actually be a good thing.  It’s a nice round number after all.

The second thing I don’t like is the color choice.  The chrome is very Bugatti, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get rid of that.  But the Bugatti Blue (that’s what I call it anyway; it’s probably patented, trademarked, under copyright, and some other legal jargon that escapes me at the moment) doesn’t accentuate the chrome very well.  You go from a brighter-than-the-sun mirror finish, to a “Where am I, I can’t see myself.  Am I a ghost now?  Where’s Casper?” dark (dare I say royal?) blue, and that’s just too much contrast.  Contrast is a good thing, but it should be taken like a McDonald’s Big-Mac: in moderation.

And now some stuff that I’m just a little iffy on.  The tail light cluster bar down the center of the back window.  I don’t know what to make of it.  Even more-so, the seeming support beam holding up the rear view mirror from the dashboard.  Also, where’s the famous Bugatti carbon fiber?

Now, what I do like.  I like the chrome.  I like the big rims.  I like the contrast in the profile from the whole car to the chrome, how the chrome sweeps forward while the rest of the car sweeps back.  I don’t think I’ve seen that before, and it’s a keeper.  Maybe tune down the chrome though a tad so that you don’t have to blink a few times as your eyes adjust to the darkness when you start to look at the blue paint.  I also love the dashboard: it’s the first dashboard in a long time that I’ve seen that I didn’t ask “is something supposed to go in this barren wasteland between the steering column and the opposite side of the car?”  The nose configuration of the vents and the front light cluster is also good: it doesn’t give the impression that the car is angry at you like a lot of cars, and it doesn’t look sad either.  It just looks like it’s waiting to go screaming down the road with it’s gigantic mouth wide open, screaming in ecstasy.  I also like how they kept a continuous line from front to back: across the hood, into the cabin (ceiling, center console, and even windshields).  Most of all though, I like the W16 engine under the hood.

Also, if you want more info, head over to Autoblog or Jalopnik to get their scoop.

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