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Possibly Audi’s worst concept ever.

Audi showed off their e-Tron concept last week at the Frankfurt auto show for the first time, and boy was it interesting.  In good ways, and bad.  First, the good.  It’s powered by, wait for it, electric motors!  Thus, the “e”.  But that’s not really anything special in itself (especially if you read Why Hybrids are Bad).  The special, possibly ‘specially awesome part, is that it’s powered by 4 electric motors.  That produce 300 some horses.  That turn the wheels with a total of over 3400 ft-lbs of torqe.  3400 ft-lbs of torque!  I don’t know that they actually do such, as I think that may very well peel the tires off of the car and, if it the rims don’t snap, and the axles don’t snap, the whole car might just snap in half like a planet as Galactis devours it.  Also, the interior is pretty.

Now, for the bad.  Go look at pictures of the car.  There’s some here.  It’s horrible.  I almost need to invent new words about how bad it is.  The outside of the car was designed by a highschool student in his sketchbook while he was busy failing her/his history class.   If I list off all of the things that are just bad about it, I think I’d have to spend the time to write an entire new article.  The back end of my blog simply won’t handle it all in this article.  On another note, if you look at some of the concept images of the interior (yes, the car’s outer facade looks just as bad in those), such as here, you see that there’s a nice big display in the middle of the concept, as opposed to the two little garmin GPS looking devices side by side in between the gauges now.  Really, that’s the only thing I feel is bad about the interior, so at least the entire car isn’t an epic failure.

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