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NVidia’s next gen architecture, Fermi, simplified

NVidia’s been crawling up Intel’s posterior for a couple of years now, moving into the general processing (GP) market, and today, that’s becoming even more of a reality, with the announcement of their Fermi graphics architecture.  It’s a complicated bit, but the main parts are this:

  • An obscene number of stream processors/ cores (512 perhaps).  These are simple cores; they are not analogous to an Intel or AMD CPU core.
  • Groups of cores that:
    • Can be combined to act as a larger, threaded core (in regular computing terms, this is somewhat analogous to where a program is executed)
    • Share 64K of L1 cache (think of it as ram for the individual cores)
  • 768K of L2 cache acts as a buffer for cross talk between the individual L1 cache for each core group.  It also buffers data between higher memory levels (such as the regular RAM for the graphics card).
  • Error checking on RAM (ECC).  This is important, because it reduces or eliminates soft errors caused by a temporary memory issue.

All of this is explained in the video on their site, but it’s a bit more technical, and certainly not watered down at all on the technical details.  Video via NVidia, and some more details and performance info at PC Perspective.

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