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Why C++ is the first language people should learn

OK, this post was only  7 days in the making (longest draft ever), but here it is.  There’s a problem with teaching the next generation of programmers today, and that problem is Java.  Now, Java is fine, possibly dandy, but it really isn’t both.  The reason why, is simply that it does too much for you.  And this is why computer science majors, IT majors, and other people who will become the programmers of tomorrow, should be learning C++ as their first language, and not Java.

The problem with learning Java as your first language, is that there is less of an understanding of how to solve relatively simple problems, because as I said, the language handles some of these problems for you.  And that’s really it.  I was going to go through an example right here, but it’s not really worth it.

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