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The worst Hummer idea ever.

Apparently, as worded (yes, I know that isn’t a real word, ’cause I just made it up) by the good folks over at TTAC (and them from Freep), Hummer’s new target audience, is actually their old target audience: the government.  This time though, it’s a slightly different idea that old AM General has come up with: a purpose built vehicle for people with disabilities, namely wheelchair bound Americans.

Now, this is a great idea, in general, if you ask me.   Currently, anyone who gets around in a wheelchair currently either needs to get out of it and fold the thing up when they hop in the car, or for many of them, have to have one of those beloved mini vans that have been re-purposed for the task.  The problem with these re-purposed vans though, is that they’re pretty costly.  And they kinda suck, really.  My experience through my friend who rides full time in an electric two-big-wheel is that those vans fall apart, aren’t constructed very well, and have somewhat shotty components.  Now they are getting better; in the years that I’ve known him, he’s gotten a new van, and, well, there’s more features, but things still don’t always work.

But back to this Hummer idea, there’s one really big problem I see with it.  Actually, two.  The first, is that it looks nothing like a Hummer.  There’s no armor plating on the bottom for the stray boulder, and the grill is very, well, Honda really.  Maybe the Chinese got confused which auto maker that starts with an H they bought?  I doubt it, but maybe.  Anyway, the second problem, is there’s no way someone in an electric wheelchair can get in that thing.  That seat behind the driver is great for someone who can walk on one or more feet, but the minute the person the thing was made for tries to get in, that chair’s going to get bashed, until it takes the driver’s seat with it.  Hopefully though, this artist’s rendering is complete BS.

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