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What the 41st annual Tokyo Motor Show means for the world

I wouldn’t be suprised if you didn’t even know that there was a Tokyo Motor Show, or that it really meant much to the world.  Even if you actually payed attention to it like I did, you probably just thought to yourself “oh cool, look at that funky little car!”  But this year at least actually meant something for the world, without you even realizing it.  Here’s a sumation:

  1. Crazy cars that only 10 people in the world could afford is always going to be the norm, regardless of a recession. (Lexus LF-A)
  2. Batteries and bundles of copper are the new iron.  Remember Detroit Iron?  Well, now it’s Tokyo Lithium. (Lexus LS600h, Honda CR-Z, Honda EV-N, more…)
  3. Retro is coming back around.  Remember the early 2000′s when the Thunderbird came back?  The PT-Cruiser?  Honda something I want to forget?  Well, the Japanese are at it again, with better funky-retro-sheik this time around.   (Daihatsu Basket, Honda EV-N)
  4. Expect more stretch.  Two concepts at least showed a stretched design from companies that don’t do stretched design, and one debuted the final rendition of a car, also stretched in look.  (in order: Honda SkyDeck, Subaru Hybrid Tourer, Lexus LF-A)

For pics, well, I told you the cars.  Now’s your time to have fun with the internet.

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