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Big news for Linux

Apparently, Ryan Gordon (yeah, I know, who’s that?), has launched the FatELF project, with the aim of bringing universal binaries to Linux.  So why’s this big news?  Well, for one, you won’t have to worry about what architecture your machine is; you’ll use the same disc for x86_64 that you’d use for an old PowerPC based Apple.  It’s also one more thing that software vendors would like to see before more of them start writing software for Linux.

But what is a universal binary?  Well, it’s really quite simple. Normally in Linux, a binary is specifically compiled for one architecture.  A universal binary however, is compiled for a host of architectures.  This binary is a bit larger than a normal binary, but space doesn’t matter all that much anymore.  Apple has had this since they made thw switch from PowerPC to x86 based Intel chips, so it’s not a new idea either; it’s proven to work.

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  1. Aaron said

    COOL! Now I can stop worrying about building separate binaries for x86, x86_64, ARM, Sega Dreamcast, my fridgerator, and all the other platforms one which Linux runs.