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Great Wind Turbine For Your House

Lets face it, the wind turbine that everyone thinks of is not good for your house.  It sticks out like a sore thumb.  And it’s huge.  But what if there was a different design, that perhaps blends in with your house a little bit?  That’s one of the ideas behind this new design from The Power Collective.  The system is called the Ridgeblade, and it, well, sits on the ridge of your roof.  It’s able to provide a good deal of power output because the blades are the length of your house, making it capable of harnessing the same amount of power as a medium sized classic turbine.  The only downside?  Unless your house has a tail on it to make it turn into the wind, you won’t be able to as effectively harness that power.

Thanks for the info, CleanTechnica.

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