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Improving Open Source: Marketing

In this weekly post, we talk about ways that Linux, and the overall open source community could be improved. The focus is on providing constructive criticism and feedback to the open source community to drive development towards better offerings that can as a whole better compete with the classic commercial contenders.

This topic is a bit foreign to the open source community: marketing.  The open source community could really use some marketing. There’s a host of reasons for this.  One of the biggest, is that there are a lot of misconceptions about open source, licensing being one of the biggest (even among lawyers, which is another story), but also feature set, ease of use, and possibly a dozen other things.

But how should such a thing be funded?  Well, there’s no really good answer for this.  RedHat and Canonical could help, but IBM also might throw in their hat.  The GNU Foundation and Apache Foundation would also be good to join in.  They don’t have the pockets to promote it, but they would be good people to organize an effort in the greater community, instead of a corporate entity, who will most likely be primarily promoting themselves.

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