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Oil from Plastics

Here’s a novel idea: take the oil, make it into plastic. When you’re done with it being plastic, turn it back into oil. That’s the idea Envion has been working on for longer than I know (I didn’t even know that they existed before today I don’t think). What they’ve come up with, as mentioned in Jalopnik’s article Envion Oil Generator Recycles Old Plastics Into Fuels, is a plant that uses a high temperature vacuum to pull the hydrocarbons appart, and put them back together in the form of light, medium, and/or emulsified oil, all for the price of a whopping $10 per barrel. Now, each barrel takes about 1 ton of plastic to make, but that’s not too bad really; there are on average 8 barrels per ton, and part of plastics is other substances.

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