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My new phone, thanks to MOTO

Android Media PlatformWell, it’s not my new phone yet, but it might very well be.  The device to the right actually isn’t even a phone.  It’s a mid.  But, it has Bluetooth, Wifi (including N support), and a 3G transmitter.  It’s got a camera on the back and the front.  It’s got a big battery.  The display is even OLED.  And it runs Android 2.0.  This specific model is the 10″ one, but there’s also going to be a 5″, and a dimminutive 3.5″ model.

How is this a phone though?  Well, like I said, it’s got Bluetooth.  And, Internet access.  How’s this all work though?  You guessed it, VOIP.  And, with Skype releasing the Linux version completely open source, the planets may just be aligning.  The only other thing I’d like to see in this device is another iteration using an NVidia Tegra chip.  Even without though, I might even be able to do video conferencing on this bad boy.

Check out the full details over at Engadget, or directly at the manufacturer’s site, MOTO.

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