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The future of food: no more rot

Some big brained fellows from down under have come up with a novel idea: an apple that takes longer to rot.  The apple in question is a cross between your standard iconic red apple (OK, I can’t tell you a specific breed of apples, but that should be good enough), and an Asiatic apple that has more resistance to diseases and spotting.  The result is an apple that now takes 4 months to start to show rot, instead of a week or so.  This means a couple of good things actually, but one of the bigger ones is that the amount of cold storage needed for this new breed is less, reducing that ever prevalent energy bill.  How much exactly still needs to be seen, but expect it to be something worth talking about.

As an added bonus: in a smaller taste test with 5 other types of apples, the new apple won out.  You can read the full story about the development at Australia’s Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries over at Tree Hugger.

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