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Hyundai: The new engine powerhouse

It used to be, that if you wanted the most efficient, powerful engine, you’d go to Honda.  How was this?  Well, one of the bigger things was their invention of variable valve timing.  Before that?  Well, probably the General, GM.  Who is it now though?  It’s become Hyundai, that wacky Korean car manufacturer, who also makes the not so awesome in one’s opinion Kia’s.

But how is it that little Hyundai is beating all the big boys?  Why, with it’s direct injection tech.  A lot of other manufacturers are hopping on this band wagon as well, but Hyundai seems to have figure out a way to edge up above the rest, at least with how they engineered it into the new Sonata.  All in all though, it seems like Hyundai is really starting to become a big deal.

Thanks to TTAC.

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