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GMC Granite

2010 GMC Granite ConceptYou might be saying to yourself “why is he bothering writing about a crummy car with a GMC badge?”  Well, if you look below at the images of the thing, you’d know why.  But you must bear with me.  It is GM’s idea for something to sit in the Scion xB / Nissan Cube / some other car that doesn’t matter either segment I like to call CCUV’s, or Compact Car Utility Vehicles.  These things are small.  They’re built on top of regular auto platforms.  They’re not mean to be able to tow a fully loaded 18 wheeler up a 20% grade at 65mph.  And all the other ones are ugly.  The Scion xB was ugly to begin with, and has gotten a lot worse.  The Nissan Cube is, well, a flipping cube.  The only way to make it less attractive is to put a giant spoiler on the back and try to drag race it (flames might actually make it look better though).

The Granite on the other hand, is much more muscular, like a good car should be, if it’s not trying to be sleek and seductive.  Which no other car in this micro-segment is.  It is the first car that has ever had a GMC badge that I would actually buy.  Even if I wanted a truck, I wouldn’t buy one with the General’s badge on it.  I won’t go into a full blown breakdown session of the design of the car like I did with Bugatti’s latest baby, but I hope that you’d agree that this actually is a rather sexy car, with few mistakes made.

What I will tell you though (I considered making this a separate article, but screw that), is some of the changes that will inevitably be made for production.  The first thing is the door latches on the outside.  ”Umm, how do I open the door?”  Next, we have the seats.  They’re drop-dead gorgeous, but then it’s a concept.  They’re not supposed to be functional as well.  I do hope though that they’ll keep them well clear of the floor though, as I love that profile.  The dash and items of that sort go without saying.  Even the Camaro, who’s body barely changed at all from concept to inception, got a dash facelift.

But, I think there’s a chance that the sweet suicide doors might go as well, and that the little Bull Dog like Granite will be elongated a bit to accommodate  the extra roof support/door brace, as well as some extra space in the boot (for those of you not as familiar with the Queen’s English, that’s the space behind the back seats).  This is, after all, a truck/SUV brand.  I hope that they don’t though, as I think it’s perfect how it is.  The suicide doors also give it a lot more flavor; something that the General really needs if it wants to stop loosing production numbers left and right.

Images courtesy of Autoblog and Jalopnik.

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