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(for once) Stealing from GM

There’s a new concept afoot, and it’s called the Trexa EV Development Platform. Now, it is just a development platform, where you can basically tune it endlessly to your desired specifications for the end-vehicle, but all the same, this is nearly identical to an idea GM had a few years ago. At that time, GM was for some reason or another thinking that Hydrogen would be the next fuel source, and that the car of tomorrow would actually be based on a ‘surfboard’ like chassis, almost identical in appearance to the one pictured below. The Hydrogen fuel cells would create electricity, and voila, you’ve got yourself a drivetrain. This idea is basically exactly the same. Power the wheels via electric motors, batteries in the floor, and just pop what you want on top, be it a sedan, mini-van, or Hummer.

It’s a fantastic idea for a real life product if you ask me. Think about it. Instead of buying a car, you buy a platform. Then from there, you buy the sort of configuration you want it to be in. And you can buy a second one too, for not nearly as much as a whole ‘nother car. Think of having a sports car body for those days where you’re not hauling around groceries or kids, and then switching over to a people carrier upper deck for when you’re packing more than just yourself into your sweet electric car, all for a price that’s less than it would be to buy the two entirely separate.

I think it could be a way for car companies to make a little bit more money. There are people who don’t buy a second car for themselves because it’s just too much, but could afford to buy, say, another half of a car. And, when the lower body starts getting old, people will be more willing and able to go in and make a purchase of a new one. Possibly even with a higher trade-in value than just selling it off, because they could recycle the thing too. I think there’s a lot of profit in an idea like this, if it can be pulled off.

Via Engadget. Check out for more details, and some sweet Flash action.

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