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Don’t crucify me too soon, but this whole Haiti thing is a little bit bull shit. Now, hear me out. Haiti, before the earthquake, and the following aftershock, and another earthquake I’m told, wasn’t exactly the most well-to-do country in the world. In fact, Wikipedia has it at a human development index (HDI) of 0.532 in 2007. That’s not that good. To give you an idea of how not good that is, the US is 0.956. By another perspective: Haiti is the least developed country in the western hemisphere. Now, there are worse countries. Afghanistan for one, has an HDI of 0.352. But there are not a plethora of countries that are that low. The billion people in China are better off as a collective, at 0.772.

Now, the part that is bunk about all this, is the fact that now that they’re capital has basically been reduced entirely to rubble, everyone in the world is trying to help them out.   Why can’t we show compassion when people aren’t getting buried under rubble, but are still not well off at all?  If this is how we treat people, then maybe there should be more earthquakes.  More volcanic eruptions.  More all of this sort of thing.  Liberia, you’re at a lowly 0.442 on the scale.  Maybe you should set fire to your cities, blame it on a meteorite or two, and call up the media.  I can almost guarantee an infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, or even more.  By the way Liberia, you do have good things going for you; don’t take this as a slight against you.

Thanks to BK.  He brought the idea to my attention.  I just decided to share it with the world.

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