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The Weekly Future Bit: Cameras

... to the Future, courtesy of

… to the Future, courtesy of monterd

The Weekly Future Bit is a weekly spot that will focus on predictions of the future, socially, technologically, and anything else that comes in its way.

I was taking a couple of pictures today of my living room. You see, I need to go get a couch or two to fill a void in the room, and every time I go to the store, I have no pictures. And that doesn’t help. So, again, I was taking these pictures, and when I uploaded them to my computer, then transfer to my phone, I noticed that even though the lighting hadn’t changed in the room, the auto function on my very nice Nikon decided to make each other angle have a different amount of this, that, or the other. I won’t go into a detailed breakdown of the options it chose to shoot the images with, but suffice to say, the colors were off in most cases, and not consistent from a picture of one corner of the room to another.

So, how might this change? Well, it’s actually a somewhat simple matter, really. Lasers. They are almost as good as Duct Tape at fixing things, or making them better. More the latter than the former. But I digress. The key here, is the ability to use lasers to determine color, and color variation. Here’s what I’m proposing. Instead of trying to figure out all other sorts of algorithms to eat up battery life, and make it so that your average boob, or lazy bastard in my case, can more or less just point and click and get a perfect picture, cameras will start to be equipped with state-of-the-near-art lasers. They’ll shoot these lasers that things. And the lasers will tell them some of the colors. Then, it’ll simply compare with what the sensor is capturing the color as. Pretty cool, huh?

The technology, or something very near the same, is already used in auto repair shops to determine whether the new coat of paint they just laid on my bumper is the same as on the rear quarter panel. It might still have a little ways to go, but it’ll get there quick. My estimate as to when you’ll see something like this appearing in a professional grade, not a Red sourced camera that is just ridiculous, is 5 to 7 years. Call me out if it’s not out by 2017. I’ll then proceed to call up Kodak, and say “WTF?”

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