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Final proof that it was the Chinese

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had my doubts about the attacks on Google, Yahoo!, and all those other companies that where listed as being the target of successful hacks using IE and Adobe Reader exploits over the last year (the first attacks that where found to be connected where in July).  Everyone claimed that it was the big red and gold flag’s fault, but no one said how Google, VeriSign, and McAfee, came to that conclusion.  The only mention of a link was that part of the attacks where targeting data either of or directly related to human rights activist groups, some of which had ties to China.

Now though, there are reports that several of the websites of these same groups where targeted by a DDoS attack over the weekend (effectively shutting down those websites by flooding them with fake web traffic).  All of the evidence presented to the public that I or anyone else I had spoken to before was not definitive proof, but this really does make the People’s Republic look rather bad.  And, this after they where mum to near direct accusations by Google that although China sees hacking by its citizens illegal, it does not see the government or some other group sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party, basically saying without actually doing so, that the Chinese government is above its own laws.

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