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Education may finally evolve

The New York Times reports that Congress just recently passed legislation that will cause the formation of a new organization, focused on finding ways (primarily though technology) to make education better. This has the potential to be a huge success for education (not just in the US, but really the entire world). The new organization is set up very similarly to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, where it will supply grants and venture capital for organizations, targeting specific goals. DARPA has been wildly successful, and the new agency, the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies, I wager will follow suit.  This is an especially needed effort though, as the education system in the US has been accused of not changing much at all since the 1950′s.  With luck, the new agency will help transform the Education Department’s policies, and education as a whole in the country, for the better, hopefully making it a modern model for the world.

The only thing that I think it’s lacking though, is a good name. It’s not nearly as catchy, or easy to say, as DARPA.  You can view the NYT article here.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Here’s a picture of what that should look like. Link below.